Complete Detail Services

Complete Detail Services

What actually is car detailing?

Enhanced care of your car is often referred to as Car Detailing.

Car detailing is a more thorough, in-depth version of a regular hand car wash and it usually involves top to bottom cleaning using specialised tools and specialised car cleaning products and can also include shampooing seats and carpets and steam cleaning the engine. We also hand or machine polish the paint surface giving it your duco an even shine while also removing fine scratches.

A car detail restores the car back to an almost brand new look as every nook and cranny is cleaned and restored, so is a perfect option if you are wanting those new car ‘feels’ again or are preparing your vehicle for sale.

Our prices start at $110 per hour and bookings are essential.


Phone: (02) 67621871
22-28 The Ringers Rd Tamworth

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