Car Detailing

Car detailing is an extremely thorough and in-depth version of a regular valet hand car wash and is focused on restoring and deep cleaning every area of your vehicle, inside and out.

Car details are perfect for getting your car back to that brand new feeling especially if you are selling it and wanting to present it looking it’s very best. This service is also suited if it’s been a while since your vehicle has had a clean and is in desperate need of some TLC.

Car detailing can also include seat shampoos and leather conditioning and buff and polishes. Please note these services add extra time to the detail so an additional charge will be applied accordingly.

A final quote will be given on arrival and after we have inspected your vehicle.


Valet Hand Car Wash

A valet hand car wash is a cheaper and less comprehensive than a full car detail but more thorough than taking your car through the self serve or the automatic car wash bays.

Valet hand washes are more suited to those who keep their cars clean and tidy most of the times and need a quick freshen up.

If it’s been a long time between car washes, then this service is not suitable for you.

We charge between $75 Р$95 for our valet hand wash services depending on what level you choose. Please note if your car presents extra dirty a surcharge will be applied and you may revert to our car detailing rate  per hour.

A final quote will be given when you arrive and a surcharge may apply for excessively dirty vehicles.


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22-28 The Ringers Rd Tamworth

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