We advise our customers to wash their vehicles any time they are dirty. Dirt works into the paint and deteriorates the surface of the paint due to many types of pollutants in road dirt. It is best to remove insect residue, bird droppings, and other residue as soon as possible to prevent damage to your vehicle’s paint.

Rags and sponges used in driveway washing inevitably become impregnated with tiny particles of grit and can scratch your vehicle’s surface. Furthermore, garden hoses typically have inadequate water pressure to remove all the soap film, letting it ‘bake’ into the finish and work its way into the paint for days afterward. In fact, professional studies have shown that the good old home car wash is one of the worst things that can happen to a car’s factory paint job. Also when you wash your car at home the chemicals and dirty water runoff enter the storm water system ending up in our oceans, lakes and waterways. At our commercial car wash the dirty water is recycled and re-used and is a much more efficient and environmentally friendly way to wash your car

No. We use the top of the range Hanna Coleman Water Wizard Touchfree Automatic Car Wash . Hanna Coleman have been manufacturing high quality car wash equipment for over 50 years and have perfected the touch free system. Instead of brushes which can damage and scratch your paint work, the touch free system works by combining high grade cleaning agents with multiple high pressure water jets. Once the cleaning stage is complete a variety of wax polymers are applied leaving your car undamaged and shiny clean.

Yes we do and in 2020 won the prestigious Tamworth Regional Council “Water Saver Award” recognising our efforts. Our used water is directed into a re-claim system located in our plant room where it is purified, then reused via multiple underground holding tanks.

Yes. We have installed tanks that hold over 100 000 litre capacity of water so can still operate in water restrictive times.

Yes we are open 365 days per year from 5am to 10pm.

We pride ourselves in delivering exceptional customer service so have staff on duty everyday from 9.00 am to 5.00pm to assist with anything our valued customers may need.

Yes, we wash small table top or Pantech trucks. Keep in mind our manual bay height limit is 2.7m so your truck must not exceed this height.

Yes, our manual bay height limit is 2.7 m so we can accommodate standard sized caravans. We even supply specially designed bay ramps so you can access the roof to give your caravan an overall thorough clean.

Yes, however please make sure the roof is properly latched.

Yes. We purify our water using a reverse osmosis system which removes all the calcium, lime and chemicals that leave an unsightly residue on your car.

Yes. This is handy to dry off motorcycles and cars.

Yes we do. We supply a shampoo machine to use onsite or we can do it for you through our car detailing department.

Yes we do. We supply engine cleaning apparatus to use onsite or we can do it for you through our car detailing department.

Yes, we accept all major credit cards including Apple Pay and Google Pay. We have Tap N Go – non contact card readers on our manual and automatic car wash bays, vacuums and dog wash.

Yes. We have a note changer on site and numerous security cameras on site to ensure customer safety.

Our dog wash is completely fenced off and located away from the washing bays making it a safe and secure zone to wash your pet.

Phone: (02) 67621871
22-28 The Ringers Rd Tamworth

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