Fleet & Corporate Car Cleaning

Fleet & Corporate Car Cleaning

Keeping your branded vehicles spotlessly clean is a direct reflection of your business and considering your fleet is one of the highest channels of exposure to the public it is in your best interest to be able to easily and affordably maintain the cleanliness of your vehicles.

At Tamworth Wizard Car & Dog wash we offer our corporate clients a flexible and fuss free system to easily track and control your fleet cleaning usage.

Our easy to use, pin code system allows you to track the wash usage by vehicle driver or registration number, while also allowing staff members to wash their vehicles when required.

A detailed report outlining who washed what car when will accompany an end of month invoice.

No more foraging for lost receipts at the end of the month. Your accounts payable officer will love it and your staff will love our easy, no fuss corporate system specifically designed for fleet users.

Tamworth Wizard Carwash fleet accounts allow you to manage an unlimited number of cars on one, easy to reconcile account.

How Does It Work?

Fill out a credit application form and once approved a unique pin number(s) will be issued to  your company.

This pin (or multiple pins depending on your fleet size) will allow access to the manual bays, automatic bays, vacuum and vending products.



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